Send in the Marine


Kevin Nicholson to Washington


Ted Cruz

"Kevin is a true constitutional conservative who will steadfastly defend life, the Second Amendment, and our God-given liberties. I would be proud to work alongside him to protect our country and to stop the tax-and-spend dysfunction of Washington. I am asking the people of Wisconsin to send conservative reinforcements by electing him to the Senate."

John Bolton

"Kevin Nicholson is the most qualified candidate to represent Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate. He is both a combat veteran and a Harvard graduate, and will bring this wide range of experiences to the table. If elected, I trust that Kevin will make America’s foreign policy goals and national security needs a top priority while serving in Congress."

Kevin: Reporting For Duty

Kevin's Vision for Wisconsin

Rein In Spending

As a Marine veteran and successful businessman, Kevin is the leader we need to take on the big-spending culture that has grown rampant in Washington.

Wisconsin Values

Kevin was born and raised in Wisconsin and he is ready to stand up for our Wisconsin values and protect our constitutional liberties.

National Security

Kevin will be the ally our military needs to ensure they feel the full support of our nation both here at home and while they are serving overseas.

Wisconsin Priorities

Kevin spent a career advising companies on how to grow and create jobs for more Americans. He supports Scott Walker's mission to unleash the power of the Wisconsin economy, to rein in taxes, and to protect our state's rights by limiting federal control.

Keep America Safe

Kevin fully supports President Trump's vision to keep America strong by putting our national security needs first and equipping our military with the resources they need to defeat any threat.

Join Kevin's mission to take back Washington: